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Cstomer Fighting A Big Fish

20 Years of Experience

Our captains have been fishing the local waters of Pompano Beach for years. they know all the local spots and ledges to put you on the fish. Our captains have also been all around the world to fish, and have years of experience and different technics. We also do local fishing tournaments to fish in competitions and test our skills against other anglers and teams.


The Fleet

Our fleet consist of 3 boats: 1 pontoon boat for parties and cruises, and 2 offshore fishing boats. We keep all of our boats very clean and hope you will help us do the same. Our pontoon boat is the king of pontoon boats for cruising around in a very comfortable ride. Just as both of our fishing boats are top of the line brands and are fishing machines. Both of our fishing boats can hold upwards of 800lbs of fish. 


You have found us. its time to stop looking. The most comfortable and exciting pontoon charter boat with a full bar top and seats is waiting on you. the boat is well equipped  with 2 sinks seating for up to 10 people a bar and a cooler for all those drinks your going to have. sit back and enjoy the ride and let us do the rest. 


This boat is one of the best offshore fishing boats ever made. SeaVee changed there hulls after 1990 and came out with new styles. But because the love fisherman have for these hulls, they have brought them back because of the smooth ride in rough conditions and fishability for this size of boat. It beats many larger boats. From all the storage and gear you could bring on it to the walking space on the deck it is a fishermen's dream. 


With an outboard motor of 250hp there is hardly a limit of how far and fast this boat can go. With its large Carolina flare it is a very dry boat when running offshore to find the fish. This boat is our tournament boat as it has the capability of going up to 50mph and can get us to where the fish are biting if we hear a good fishing report or need to change areas. 


Our Destinations

We have many destinations for both fishing and boat cruises. Offshore fishing we go anywhere from Deerfield Beach to Fort Lauderdale. We have a wide range of spots to catch deep sea fish in this area. For the party cruise we have a few restaurants on the water like Bo Kampar's, Sands Harbor, Two Georges and places to stop and swim like Light House Point or Lake Boca. All of our locations are unique and exciting.

We Service These Areas 

Lauderdale By The Sea Charters

Light House Point Charters

Deerfield Beach Charters

Fort Lauderdale Charters

Boca Raton Charters

Bahamas Charters

Delray Charters

Miami Charters

Light House Point Florida / Light House

Our Professional Crew

Captain Brad with Pompano Beach Charters

Captain Brad

Captain Brad is a local expert in our area. Living here for 12 years and fishing our local waters of pompano beach. He grew up learning the waterways and trying new techniques and learning from all the old timers. He has brought his old taught knowledge with a new approach and loves to teach his clients how and why he does certain things. Captain Brad practically eats sleeps and fishes. He is an expert for a reason.

Captain Niko with Pompano Beach Charters

Captain Nikolas 

Growing up in Florida, Captain Nikolas has fished these waters his whole life. His father was a fisherman before him and he grew up learning to fish all the waters of Florida. He has an amazing mind on how the fish move and migrate and knowing when certain fish will be in season. He knows exactly where the fish will be almost like thinks like the fish. He loves what he does and would be out there fishing everyday if he could.

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